Mental Health and Wellbeing Classes for Individuals and Groups

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Breathwork, Meditation and Relaxation Classes

A 45 minute breathwork, meditation and relaxation class via Zoom. Every Friday morning in term time. The classes will use a combining of ancient healing practices and modern Psychology to bring you into a state of balance, repair and recovery.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops

A number of mental health and wellbeing workshops will take place throughout the year. The workshops are focused on themes around stress, trauma, relaxation and soothing the nervous system.

Why is it Important?

Life can be very stressful these days, always on the go, always available. Rarely do we take the time to truly switch off and concentrate on spending some time to allow our minds and bodies to fully rest.

To be really well, emotionally and physically, our nervous system needs to be in balance, our cells need to “rest and repair” and they do this when we are in a calm place. Too much “go go go” can leave us depleted in our energy and our moods.

Taking time out to be in our bodies rather than our thinking minds, and to focus on putting our whole self into “rest and repair” can keep us resilient, and also help us recover from too much stress, that we may already be suffering from. Yoga and Breath-Body-Mind practices can be part of the journey to recovery and rejuvenation

Who can Benefit?

We can all benefit from practices that focus on balancing us in our minds and bodies.

You don’t need any previous experience to try out Yoga and Breath-Body-Mind practices, they are simple, effective and accessible to all.

We all need to find ways of taking time out that supports our nervous system to work effectively, and it does that best when it is in a balance of both “active” and “repair” mode.

If you feel that maybe you are in “stress” mode more than is good for you then come and try out some sessions and see how it feels.

1-to-1 Sessions

Classes aren’t for everyone so I do offer 1-to-1 sessions if people prefer this format. Sessions last from 45 mins to an hour and will be based on a shared agreement of what will be most helpful and plan accordingly. One to one sessions cost £40 per session.

Please contact me if you would like to book at 1-to-1 session of Trauma Informed Yoga or Breath-Body-Mind.