About Suzi Moore

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to find out a little bit about me, and if I am someone you think you might be able to work with. I always like to know a little bit about the person who is teaching me, so here is some information which I hope will help you get to know me a bit better.

I came to this place of teaching and supporting people with stress and trauma through many routes. Following my studies of Psychology and Addiction, I spent years supporting people who had experienced sexual abuse and were managing that pain and PTSD symptoms through drug and alcohol use. 

Through doing this work, I slowly began to make sense of my own history and noticed the ways in which I managed my own nervous system, which were not always helpful. After a period of being unwell with vicarious trauma through work, where I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, I began to learn about the power of managing my breath in managing my anxiety. 

Suzi Moore

Yoga and Breath-Body-Mind

I slowly started to practice yoga, became a self-employed trainer and put a hold on the direct support work for a period of time. I began to study Yoga and teach Trauma Informed Practice and Brain Development and felt like I had found my subject home. 

I have since gone on to train and teach in Breath-Body-Mind and have come back to the place of supporting people in groups and one to one. Being able to pass on what I have learnt from my teachers and see first-hand what a difference learning and practicing some simple strategies can make to people’s lives is so amazing, I love it.

Person-centred Teaching Approach

What I teach is simple, its accessible, you can apply what works for you, when you want to and need to. The best thing is that you will be able to do all these things for yourself and find control and peace as you develop a great relationship with your own body and brain. 

We have the capacity to heal ourselves from our trauma wounds and recover in the same way that our bodies and minds help us recover from other wounds. Sometimes we just need someone to help us along the way, before we then go and do it for ourselves.

So if you are feeling a bit low and cut off, or too high and edgy, or anywhere in between and think I may be able to help, get in touch. We can have an initial chat and see where we go from there.

If you would like to read more about my career history or my qualifications please see my linked in profile.