"The Truth that No On Tells Teenagers" book review

The Truth That No One Tells Teenagers

Recommended Reading: “The Truth that No One Tells Teenagers”

“The Truth That No One Tells Teenagers” by Matthew McVarish is an outstanding book. It made me cry, it made me smile, it made me write things down because I didn’t want to forget such powerful words.

This is a useful, empathic book which would be extremely helpful to young people and adults alike that have suffered sexual abuse.

The 10 facts are in my mind more like statements. Two of them stand out especially and brought me to tears:

  • There was nothing you could have done to stop this.
  • You are amazing, the world needs you.

Matthew McVarish gently addresses many of the distorted thoughts that people who have been abused suffer. He takes time to explain, through his own journey, how he came to these conclusions.

This book is inspiring to read and full of hope. It also reminds people to pause and breathe through each challenging moment. Matthew McVarish is my new hero.

"The Truth That No On Tells Teenagers" by Matthew McVarish book cover

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