Why do I feel tired all the time?

Why am I tired all the time? What to do to manage fatigue

Sleep is not rest, but rest is the bridge to sleep

Ever wondered if feeling tired all the time is normal? Do you want to take a nap during the day but struggle to sleep at night?

Do you have trouble dosing off, or wake up after 3 hours and find it hard to fall back into sleep? Maybe you sleep for 7 hours but still wake up feeling like you need more rest?

Research says your feeling of constant fatigue is completely normal. According to the national sleep foundation in the USA, 45% of people say that poor sleep is affecting daily activities at least once a week

7 different types of rest

I recently came across an interview with Dr Saundra Dalton Smith. She speaks about different types of rest deficits and how to identify which is affecting you.

Dalton Smith’s research, and long term role as a medical physician, has brought her to the conclusion that there are 7 types of rest. She believes that we can learn how to identify which type of rest we need, and how to source that rest.

Dr Dalton Smith believes that the strategies that many of us employ like taking a holiday, downsizing or taking sleep marathons don’t work. Why? Because they aren’t directly addressing the primary issue for the tiredness in the first place.

This is the list of deficits that she identifies:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Sensory
  • Creative
  • Spiritual

Figuring out why you’re tired all the time

As a Facilitator, teaching Child Sexual Abuse and Trauma, my deficit often lies in the areas of Mental and Emotional rest.

I used to take a nap when I felt drained and tired, assuming that it was sleep that I was lacking. All this achieved however was to disrupt my night sleep, leaving me annoyed and frustrated at myself that I had taken the nap in the first place.

What I have recently learnt to do is to take a moment to stop and really consider what I have been doing that morning, or day. Trying to understand what exactly it is that I am feeling is more productive in the long run.

Am I people drained? Have I been around too much noise? Where is my sensitivity?

Once I have identified where I have been depleted, I can plan on how to restore what I have lost. This often means lying somewhere quiet, away from technology and people, and taking 15 mins of peace. Other great rest cures for me are spending time in the garden and being around nature. 

Investing in this type rest provides me with the bridge I then need to get a good nights sleep

A prescription for rest

If you feel tired all the time and are interested in where you might be depleted take the free online test which has been created by Dr Dalton Smith.

Invest in wellbeing for you or your team

Taking the right sort of rest is a crucial part of investing in wellbeing. Whether that’s your own wellbeing, or that of your team.

I have a two courses that focus on wellbeing so that you can support for yourself in times of vicarious or secondary trauma. Or ensure that you can effectively support your team.

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