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Gentle yoga with a focus on twists

Twists in yoga have so many benefits, they allow greater mobility in the spine, they compresses our organs and support detox and most importantly, can aid with stress release. Come […]


Gentle Yoga Detox Flow

Maybe you are feeling a little bit in need of a detox from the holidays? We will be doing some gentle flows with a specific focus on how to detox […]


Yoga as an antidote to the desk job

Too much sitting down for work can cause us to have stiffness and tightness in many areas of our body. This class will focus on the areas of our body […]


Rebalance your Body and Mind Workshop

The Flamingo Centre 175 Southmead Road, Bristol

Has last year left you feeling not as much yourself as you could be? For many of us the pandemic has been a traumatic time and although it has been very challenging it is encouraging to remember that we do have a natural inclination to heal, given the right conditions. To support you in your […]


Holding in Stillness – Yoga and Relaxation

In this class we will be exploring how it feel to hold poses for a little longer, maybe going a little deeper. We will have a slightly longer relaxation of […]


Calm and Soothe the Nervous System with Breath-Body-Mind Techniques

We begin with some moving and shaking to rid the body of its first layer of stress and get the circulation moving. We then progress to more focussed breathwork with moving meditations, which are all in preparation for the 15 - 20 mins of Coherent Breathing at the end. This breath practice will allow the […]